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Seriously beautiful”… “So many sublime moments, musically and visually.”
Stuart Moxham   (Young Marble Giants)

Debut album 10 Minutes

CDs available >> Contact us :

March 29 2024

“I love the slow, building broodiness and dark feel that it delivers”

>> With just a hint of Mayhem

Feb 16 2024

>> “Just What I Needed”

May 19 2023

Savourez Monkey Gone To Heaven de GmBt Life

>> review from Extravafrench

May 19 2023

“…this cover really hit the mark, taking the song to a whole new level of charisma and energy…”

>> full review from Mesmerized

May 18 2023


>> review from  Os Garrotos De Liverpool

May 16 2023

“GmBt Life Celebrates Debut Album Anniversary with a Captivating Rendition of “Monkey Gone To Heaven”… a breathtaking reinterpretation of Pixies’ iconic track”

Review from Sinusoidal Music >>  Blog link

May 11 2023

“uma enorme misturas de gêneros que resulta em um estilo próprio e totalmente cativante.”

>> Indieoclock (Brazil)

Apr 22 2023

Race with The Police” on


“French Music Project GMBT LIFE Covers PIXIES

and It’s Pretty Special”

Apr 22 2023

>> Our Monkey Gone To Heaven

on the week mixtape of Tinnitist (Canada)

Apr 21 2023

If Man is 5

Today our debut album “10 Minutes” is one year old. To celebrate, we had fun recording a cover

Mar 18 2023

Race with The Police” on


“It’s a hell of a psychedelic ride, that after a lazy guitar/bass intro intensifies with venom and works its way to a bursting climax”

Mar 17 2023
Mar 16 2023

>> “Race With The Police” 

new video OUT today

Nov 06 2022

Alaska Morning Sky” on


Nov 04 2022

A new home made video is OUT today

>> “Alaska Morning Skies” 

Sept 08 2022

Aleksi plays the “His Voice Is Sweet” guitar part

in Timo’s living room

July 04 2022

Trusted” new video OUT today!


May 12 2022

10 Minutes” album de la semaine sur LitZik

…” un premier album magistral !“…

…” notre palpitant oscille entre une mélancolie profonde et une envie de célébrer la vie, comme pour mener un combat conduisant à améliorer notre condition à tous”…

 >> Litzic full album review

May 12 2022

10 Minutes” enters the FERALIST. That’s cool !

 >> 10 Minutes full abum

May 10 2022

“Une chose est sûre vous allez succomber au charme éclectique de cette musique venue d’ailleurs. Enfin quelque chose d’unique qui nous fait vibrer musicalement…”

 >> IGGY Mag review

May 4 2022

GmBt Life is different, fresh, and exciting. I Love the way they create a folk atmosphere with dark low vocals. The melody of verse and chorus varies smoothly in a beautyful way.  “…

new playlist feature >> Eduardo Pastore (Brazil)

May 3 2022


New playlist feature >> The Other Side Reviews

May 2 2022

“Todas as sonoridades são leves e combinam com a música que é sensacional e de extrema sensibilidade. Uma música feita com a alma, que nos toca e dá prazer em ouvir.”

>> Indieoclock (Brazil)

Apr 30 2022

“Ten Minutes (feat Mike Ladd)”  is in Rolling Stone playlist #181

>> Rolling Stone (France)

Apr 30 2022

GmBt Life are an interesting bunch of American and French musicians producing folk with blends of modernism. “10 Minutes” is there debut album available on their website. Check ’em out Folks ‘n’ Rockers! >> Clown Magazine (UK) FB page

Apr 30 2022
🇫🇷 [musique][nouveauté] Album de la Semaine.
Au Village Pop, nous avions déjà repéré depuis quelque temps le trio cosmopolite basé en France GmBt Life et c’est avec un grand bonheur qu’on découvre aujourd’hui son premier album, “Ten Minutes” … Evoluant plutôt sur le registre du clair-obscur, cette musique se déploie toujours avec une délicatesse infinie, en ne renonçant jamais à la mélodie, mais en évitant toute “joliesse” … Qu’il est toujours bon de sentir des musiciens rechercher le “juste” plutôt que le “beau“, assurément le plus court chemin pour toucher du doigt le souffle léger d’un éternel toujours à réinventer … Laissez-vous glisser dans cet univers aussi bouleversant que réconfortant où 3 musiciens unissent leur présent pour nous dessiner un avenir meilleur … Nous, on prend ! … Enjoy !
Apr 30 2022

The depth of a song, when well thought out, can reach us in a very strong and meaningful way”…

>> Full review from Roadie Music (Brazil)

Apr 29 2022

On this new record they offer the very best of their creative vision, demonstrating their all-round musicianship and production abilities. From the opener “No Abstract Thought” to the album closer “Come Closer”, they share a dreamy journey through their ethereal indie sound that offers reflective writing and captivating instrumentation. More >> Plastic (UK)

Apr 28 2022

‘His Voice Is Sweet’ is the tender and introspective new single from mysterious French-based collective GmBt Life, made up of Aleksi Mäkelä, Timo Zwandun and Nabim Fieev. More >> UnRecorded

Apr 28 2022

‘His Voice Is Sweet’ added to a Blue Orchid Playlist with a great name “All Monkey Gone To Heaven” >> Here


Apr 28 2022

His Voice Is Sweet “A beautiful song, unique in its kind”

Thank you SILOUD (Italy)!

Apr 27 2022

The opening of His Voice Is Sweet catches you off guard.

Besides the seductive lyrics, His Voice Is Sweet displays crisp musical textures.  The guitars are warm and lively.  The cavernous piano and shimmering cymbals embellish the dreamy atmosphere.  The singers soft whispery affect is like a hypnotic lullaby whisking you away.  To where?  That’s the mystery, the beauty of a great song.  It’s real intention is contingent on your relationship to it.  His Voice Is Sweet can call you away from the substance or draw you to it.  One thing for certain, it’s going to get under your skin. 

>> full review from “The Wild Is Calling” (US/Philadelphia)

Apr 26 2022

10 Minutes” Album of the week for Le Village Pop (France)

Apr 24 2022

His Voice Is Sweet in MUSICHOOD (Peru) playlist

(“You have released a great album, you surprise us with every song!”)

Apr 24 2022

Albums you should listen to by JEPG Chief + playlists features

Thank you!

Apr 24 2022

New playlist feature by Artisti Online Etichetta Discografica  >> here

Apr 24 2022

Thank you Pinguin Radio for playing GmBt Life!

Apr 24 2022

…I believe that the way we are listening to the music of this album, specifically this song (“His Voice Is Sweet”), will have a profound impact on us… Their music is effortlessly beautiful…

Review from Sinusoidal Music >>  Blog link

Apr 24 2022

The lead track from their debut album 10 Minutes, ‘His Voice Is Sweet’ is one of the purest and most soothing pieces of indie folk out this year >> Full review

Apr 24 2022

New playlist feature by Music Victory >> Spotify link

(“This is all absolutely brilliant! We wish you all the success with your fabulous music!”)

Apr 23 2022
Apr 23 2022

10 Minutes” fonctionne un peu comme un moment suspendu dans le temps où le trio nous enivre comme personne jusqu’aux derniers morceaux que sont  “Race With The Police” et “Come Closer”  absolument renversants. >> More

Apr 23 2022

One of the singles on the album, “His Voice Is Sweet”, is a dreamy, hazy, ultra-relaxing single, taking the listener on an extraordinary journey to get ready for this unique album.  >> More

Apr 23 2022

After “Ten Minutes” in collaboration with Mike Ladd, the indie rock band GmBt Life presents “His Voice Is Sweet” as the lead track of their debut album. The sweetness of this pure folk song draws its strength from the slowness and the melancholy.

Apr 22 2022

10 Minutes” Our debut album OUT today!

His Voice Is Sweet” new video

Apr 21 2022


Apr 15 2022

Next Friday!

Apr 10 2022

2 weeks to go…

Apr 5 2022

Indie-rock tracks don’t come any finer than ‘Ten Minutes’. This superb release comes from French-based artist GMBT LIFE and features Mike Ladd. Showcasing gorgeous instrumentation, stunning vocal performances and an addictive rap performance, it is a song that is a classic in the making.”

Apr 5 2022

Ten Minutes by GmBt Life is a dope song. We think the videoclip is perfect for this track. We like the beat and the flow of the rapper, which are perfectly mixed together. This song sounds soooooo good!
You did a great job!

Apr 4 2022

A fabulous collaboration of the French project with the rapper on this philosophical song. This atmospheric track with its rich musical arrangements is filled with a good portion of wisdom and carries an impressive emotional charge.

Apr 3 2022

GmBt Life‘s universe is again super interesting. It’s simple from a distance, but extremely rich from a closer look. The strength of mixing universes is super well exploited! And the flow of Mike Ladd still comes to sink the nail of pleasure provided!

High class !”    (translation from french)

Apr 2 2022

3 weeks away

Apr 2 2022

I really liked the rapping style of this artist. The chorus has an amazing melody, not like the usual hip hop beatmaking sounds. This track has a really incredible rhythm and force. Sometimes we even feel a rock flavor. The musical arrangement is strong and well produced and the lyrics very inspired. Well done!

Mar 31 2022

“A great combination of several different elements, the guitar, the rock drums, and this great hip hop flow.

Definetly a very creative track

Mar 31 2022

New playlist feature >> “Ten Minutes” featuring Mike Ladd on

JPEG CHIEF “unknown essential”

Mar 29 2022

I liked the song too much. Without a doubt, it will be one of the songs I will listen to a lot during these weeks. The combination of a bit of rock and rap is great, the chorus is very catchy. Not to mention the melody, it’s melancholic but very captivating.”

Spotify playlist : here

Mar 29 2022

“Ten Minutes” featuring Mike Ladd playlisted on

Artisti Online Etichetta Discografica

Mar 28 2022

New playlist feature >> “Ten Minutes” featuring Mike Ladd on

EDM Station

Mar 25 2022

Yeah! “Ten Minutes” featuring Mike Ladd is on Apple Music


Mar 25 2022

Will we have 10 more minutes to live ?

Mar 21 2022

That’s cool, the release of “10 Minutes“, our first album, will be done with a FERAROCK partnership

Mar 12 2022

Debut album “10 Minutes” OUT April 22 2022

Single “Ten Minutes (featuring Mike Ladd)” OUT March 25

Mar 11 2022

Thank you Radio Alpa >> “Five Hundred Slaves” on “mars/avril” playlist –  Radio Alpa 107.3 FM Le Mans

Mar 8 2022

Twelve Days (the”We’ll be Alright song)” on “Boulimique de musique”
 A captivating variation of atmospheric rock, rich in instrumentation. A remarkable intensity emerges from these rich arrangements on this track with an evolving structure. Emotion is on the menu on this track that could be qualified as post-punk for its bold exploratory approach and its melancholic atmosphere.

Feb 23 2022

Twelve Days (the”We’ll be Alright song)” on “Flutter Tone” : The Sonic Treasure Trove Playlist

Feb 21 2022

Twelve Days (the”We’ll be Alright song)” on “Under the Sun” Triple R FM radio in Melbourne

Feb 20 2022

Twelve Days (the”We’ll be Alright song)” on “De Music”

Feb 12 2022

Twelve Days (the”We’ll be Alright song)” on “Rock Culture”

Feb 11 2022

Twelve Days” on “Independant Radio” YouTube playlist

Jan 30 2022

Nabim recording one of the “Twelve Days” percussion patterns

Nov 7 2021

I’m tired of being loved for myself,

I’d like to be loved for my money

Oct 30 2021

Five Hundred Slaves” is coming from this guitar idea (roughly played here by Timo the day before we started to record the track)

Sept 14 2021

“You have to create your own space which has a lot

of silence in it and a lot of books.”  Susan Sontag

Aug 20 2021

Five Hundred Slaves” on “Diário de Shows”

+ on their Spotify playlist

July 24 2021

Five Hundred Slaves” on “Roadie Music”

+ on their “New Sound of Europe” Spotify playlist

June 06 2021

Today we are on “Nenesbutler Presents”

+ on their “Indie Top 25” Spotify playlist

June 04 2021

Twelve Days” on “Roadie Music”

+ on their “New Sound of Europe” Spotify playlist

June 02 2021

The release of “Twelve Days” announced

in “News de mai” of La Magic Box

May 12 2021

Thank you again Abus Dangereux. You are the first to have supported us!

Belle surprise des mystérieux GmBt Life qui n’en finissent pas d’explorer le désir de se transformer en grains de poussière suffisamment versatiles et légers pour pouvoir passer à travers toutes les barrières pour tournoyer dans l’air à leur guise. Un album est en route…

May 08 2021

Please Come Closer” on “Le Laboratoire” radio program

Apr 02 2021
March 14 2021

Thank you Le Village Pop : “500 Slaves”, “Please Come Closer” & “Twelve Days” are in Le Village Pop Playlist

March 12 2021

Thank you “Litzic”

March 02 2021

“One chord is fine. Two chords are pushing it.

Three chords and you’re into jazz.” Lou Reed

Feb 21 2021
Feb 21 2021
Feb 12 2021

Twelve Days (the “We’ll be alright” song) out now !

Feb 05 2021

“Twelve Days” (the “We’ll be alright” song)

That’s the track and video that we will be releasing on Feb 12 2021.

Dec 01 2020

“The only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable.”

Nov 15 2020

500 Slaves” is on  Playlist du dimanche #355

Thank you “Can you hear the music”

Nov 13 2020

Five Hundred Slaves” track and video out now !

Nov 04 2020

Five hundred Slaves

That is the new track and video that we will be delivering on Nov 13 2020. 

Nov 03 2020

f = the optimal number of guitars

x = your current number of guitars

then     f = x + 1

Nov 02 2020

“All you need is love.

But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”

Sept 16 2020

GmBt Life ep is out now 

>> Spotify

>> YouTube

July 16 2020

GmBt Life” out today


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