GmBt Life

Debut album “10 Minutes” OUT now!

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“I believe that the way we are listening to the music of this album will have a profound impact on us… This music is effortlessly beautiful.”

 >> “Sinusoidal Music” 

“GmBt Life lives in their own musical universe, outside the constraint of direct genre.

The new album, 10 minutes, is full of experimental chill music.

One thing for certain, it’s going to get under your skin. 

>>  “The Wild Is Calling” (US/Philadelphia)

With hearts close to Finland and Afghanistan

GmBt Life is a French based three man band.

Aleksi Timo and Nabim come from different countries. They live in 3 bordering regions and routinely meet to play music.
They like to begin with bare melodies and then improvise with various intruments and PCs. That’s the way they make songs or bits of music that they attempt to record rapidly…

from Aleksi, Nabim, & Timo

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Mar 18 2022

Race with The Police” on


“It’s a hell of a psychedelic ride, that after a lazy guitar/bass intro intensifies with venom and works its way to a bursting climax”

Mar 17 2023

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